Lisa Murphy(non-registered)
Hey Glen, great work here!!! Hope to see you next year again at TIFF!!!
Glyn Lowe PhotoWorks
Very nice Gallery. Keep up the Great work. All the best.....
really nice shots of the hawks ,and your other wildlife shots
William Perrelli(non-registered)
Beautiful work!

Thanks for visiting my site.
Katie LaSalle-Lowery(non-registered)
From osprey to Brangelina! Whoa!
Misty Dawn Seidel(non-registered)
You are very talented and have some truly fantastic photographs! I especially like your bird photos. Outstanding work!
Absolutely wonderful. I´m overwhelmed. I have to admit that you make amazing pictures!! You really do! I wish I could be as talented as you are. keep up doing great job!
I enjoyed visiting your web site. Your photos are excellent, really nice.
Stephen Portlock(non-registered)
Stunning work Glen. From wildlife, sport and people.
Love the landscape shots and the Megan Fox shots ;)

Great work, keep it up.

Tom Wilberding(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Glen, very professional. What a great website! My favorite gallery is "Places." You are a master of landscape photography.
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